The AGM takes place on 21 March and is open to all local residents interested in the future of the Park. Below is the agenda for the meeting.

1st Annual General Meeting of Friends of Wimbledon Park (FOWP)

Thursday 21st March 2013 8.00 – 10.00 pm 

at St Austin’s Hall attached to the Church of Christ the King (entrance in The Crescent).


  1. To approve FOWP constitution dated February 2013 (requires two thirds majority)
  2. To receive the Chairman’s annual report
  3. To approve the Treasurer’s report
  4. Election of Officers
    a. Chairman Nick Steiner nominated I Simpson by & seconded by J Mullane;
    b. Vice Chairman vacant;
    c. Membership Secretary Janet Mullane nominated by N Steiner & seconded by T Thompson;
    d. Minute Secretary Ivan Scott nominated by T Thompson & seconded by N Steiner;
    e. Treasurer Ivan Scott nominated by I Simpson & seconded by J Mullane;
    f. Honorary Friend Justine Greening nominated by N Steiner & seconded by T Thompson;
    g. Honorary Friend Stephen Hammond nominated by N Steiner & seconded by I Simpson.
  5. Appointment of Executive Committee membersa. Kim Caddy;
    b. Mike Caswell;
    c. Jill Hopper;
    d. Mirjana Ilic;
    e. Ken McFarlane;
    f. Janet Mullane;
    g. Jackie Reiss;
    h. Ivan Scott;
    i. Iain Simpson;
    j. Peter Stechman;
    k. Nick Steiner;
    l. Martin Sumpton;
    m. Ian Tattum;
    n. Tina Thompson.
  6. Declaration of financial or professional interest likely to be of concern.
  7. To determine the annual subscription as:
    a.          Adult £5;
    b.          Family £8;
    c.           Youth £1;
    d.          Corporate £50;
    e.          To allow members to pay more than one year at their applicable rate.
  8. Questions.
  9. Any other business.


Next light refreshments and:

  • An opportunity to meet, chat and learn about different aspects of Wimbledon Park which will include:
  • Trees and project work involving trees.
  • Oak processionary moth, birds, bats, diseases and pests.
  • Sport in the park and the hockey in the stadium proposal.
  • Update on lake restoration
  • Our website
  • social media and communications
  • Also there is an opportunity to meet FOWP Committee members.

 If you can help in any way please talk to the relevant EC member.