How to get here

Getting to the park by public transport is easy, so if you’re too far away to walk or cycle, we recommend you travel by bus or tube and take the strain off the two small car parks. There are entrances for pedestrians and vehicles on Revelstoke Road in the east and Wimbledon Park Road in the northwest. There is also a pedestrian entrance on Home Park Road.

The 156 bus, which runs between Wimbledon and Vauxhall, stops on Merton Road near the end of Revelstoke Road. It’s then a short walk along Revelstoke Road to the park. The 493 bus between North Sheen and Tooting, and the 39 between Clapham Junction and Putney Bridge, both stop on Wimbledon Park Road very close to the park entrance.
Southfields and Wimbledon Park tube stations, on the District Line, are both within easy walks of the park.
There are two car parks, at the Revelstoke Road and Wimbledon Park Road entrances. The park’s postcode is SW19 7HX.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 8.00 am to dusk

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 9.00 am to dusk

Tennis courts open until 9pm Monday to Thursday and until 6pm Friday to Sunday.