Our wood, which is at least 300 years old, lies at the northern edge of the Park. It is the nearest wood that’s accessible to the public in a wide area of south-west London. But its small size puts it under pressure.

We want to know your views on the options for the future management and development of Horse Close Wood. This will help us to revise the Management Plan for the wood. The work is being done voluntarily by Dr Dave Dawson for L.B. Merton, the owner and manager of the wood and in conjunction with the Friends of Wimbledon Park.

The consultation asks for your opinion on options for many topics: tree safety, paths, disturbed areas, pesticide use, bramble, ivy, suckering elm, bluebells, coppicing, bay laurel, new planting, new woodland wildflowers, bird and bat boxes, a bird feeding station, educational use, stag beetles, litter, use of heavy machinery and information boards. It takes about half-an-hour to complete the questionnaire.

If you email Dave davegdawson@gmail.com  he will attach a copy of the questionnaire to his reply. Or you can reply online by following the link:


This is our wood. Have your say!