A parking meter is due to start operating in Wimbledon Park’s Revelstoke Road car park from September. It is one of five parks in Merton where the council is targeting commuters who deprive legitimate park users of parking spaces.

Nick Steiner, chair of FOWP, welcomed the move. He said: “For years now we have been pointing out that some individuals are misusing the car park, putting unnecessary pressure on the available space. We hope the introduction of charging will improve the situation.”

Subject to consultation, the standard charge will be 30p per hour. Mobile phone payments will be accepted as well as coins.

The proposal is that parking charges will apply from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday, not Sundays or bank holidays. Parking will not be permitted between 11pm and 6am. Sanctions can therefore be applied to vehicles left overnight.

However, there are no current plans to install a meter in the Wimbledon Park Road car park. Doug Napier, Merton’s Environment and Regeneration Greenspaces Manager, said installing a meter there would require significant investment in resurfacing and painting parking bay lines.

The council will be monitoring any changes in parking behaviour resulting from the new arrangements.