The Wimbledon Park Angling Club (WPAC) was founded in 1948. The documented history of fishing in the Lake, however, goes back to the end of the 19th century, when fishing was one of the sports offered by the Wimbledon Park Sports Club, later to become the Wimbledon Park Golf Club. In 1896, a John Enright became the Distance Fly-Casting Champion of the World at the Lake, and an all-England version of this event was held at the Lake in 1951.

Strictly limited to 150 members, the Club is a private not-for-profit organisation, run by a committee of volunteers elected annually by the membership. The Club is entirely self-funding and receives no monies from any other organisation. It has no associations or links with any public or commercial body, but acts strictly in accordance with the demands and legal requirements of the Environmental Agency.

The objectives of the Club include the improvement of the fishing in the waters of Wimbledon Park Lake, and to this end the Club takes whatever opportunities are allowed to re-stock the Lake with native British species of fish. Additionally, and in accordance with the European Water Framework Directive, the Club is concerned to improve and maintain the overall ecological welfare of the Lake, including the re-establishment of native plants, such as water lilies, and the reduction of invasive species.

The Lake offers a mix of general coarse fishing for species such as roach, perch, rudd and bream, and more specialist pursuits such as carp fishing.

Because of the limitation on membership numbers, prospective members can only join via a waiting list, having first been proposed and seconded by two existing Club members. For more details, please contact the WPAC Secretary at, or write to him at PO Box 70916, London SW19 9FJ.