London Borough of Merton has announced a third round of consultation on its plan for a permanent extension to the Revelstoke Road

The 'temporary' car park as it is now.

The ‘temporary’ car park as it is now.

entrance car park, and FOWP is urging residents to submit their views yet again.

The latest consultation is due to a new traffic report from the council, which it claims demonstrates the need for more parking.

FOWP has objected to the plan at each previous stage, and is currently formulating its response to this latest report. But it’s not enough – if we are to defeat the proposal, we need you to make your voice heard too.

You can make your views known by email to or by post to planning officer Sabah Halli at London Borough of Merton, Merton Civic Centre, London Road, Morden, Surrey SM4 5DX. Remember to include the planning application number (12P1181) and your name and address, or your views won’t be recorded against the application. The closing date for comments is 10 May.

You can also write to your local councillor and to your MP. And  you can post your comments on this website too.

Please note that if you’ve written to the council in the past on this issue, your comments will still stand. But it’s vital that we continue to address each argument that the council raises, so if you can make the time to respond, even if just to say that your earlier objections to the car park still hold, in light of the new statement  it will really help our cause.