Last summer many people expressed concerns about BBQs in the park causing damage and disruption. FOWP wanted to offer a view on the issue to Merton Council, and so conducted research, including a consultation, in September and October 2014. We have now arrived at the following recommendations: “The risk of injury from fire and unwanted fire damage may be low but the cost implications of legal liabilities and remedial action could be very high. In our view disposable BBQs should not be allowed. The capacity of our park to meet demand is questionable and suggests that charges should be introduced to control demand and defray staff and other costs. Banning BBQs is cost free although there may be enforcement costs. A better approach would be to ban BBQs and provide a nice picnic area with trees and seating such as that in King George’s Park. This addresses the principle of replacing a valued facility with a different but equally valued facility.” You can read the full document here BBQs in Wimbledon Park FOWP EC PP No 1