Dave Dawson’s natural history notes for 28th December 2016:-

Little of note this time. White dead nettle in flower in the hedgerow beside the tube line. There were still over 30 Mute swans. Coot numbers were also above average, at 85 birds, but fewer than in the last two years. After a recent apparent decline, Chaffinches are back in their usual numbers around the large Children’s play area. Also, a total of 17 Goldfinches there and at Horse Close Wood. Goldfinch numbers are quite variable, but this is the second highest count ever. This is the season when the Mistle thrushes can be heard singing from the tree tops and there was one at each end of the park. There were 10 Redwings to the north of the stadium, and a report of Tawny Owls being heard recently in the evening.