Dave Dawson’s natural history notes for 17th November 2016:-

This morning at 07:55, some 30 Greylag Geese flew off from the lake to the grassland of the public park to join the 65 birds there already. Then these, the 120 Canada Geese and 16 Egyptian Geese returned to the lake at 08:40, as usual when the harassment by dogs got to be too much. The Canada Goose numbers remain high (the fifth highest November count in the 30 years), but most remarkable was the record Greylag count, especially given that previous peak counts have been in June and that November has previously had much lower numbers. There’s no sign yet that Greylag numbers have stabilised, so it looks as if the Canadas have a real rival in the park. Counts of Coot (110) and Mute Swan (36) were well above the long-term averages, but appreciably lower than in the last two Novembers. So, it seems that their food, submerged waterweed, is still there, if less abundant than recently. There’s few wildflowers evident in November. The Cyclamen in Horse Close Wood has finished flowering. The glade still has some flowers of Prickly Ox-tongue and two of the cornfield annuals: Corn Marigold and Corn Camomile.