Dave Dawson’s natural history notes for 9th September 2016:-

Waterbirds gave much the same story as the previous two months, geese, swan and coot numbers remain high, with 100 Canada, 30 Greylag and 26 Egyptian Geese, 35 Mute Swans and 80 Coots. The latter two species have now been seen in greater numbers than usual for two years. The geese were all feeding out on the grass of the public park until harassment by dogs sent them off to the lake at around 08:10. One Gadwall remained on the lake, continuing the greater incidence of this species. Songbirds are quiet at this time of year. The increase in the Jackdaw continues, several of the 20 birds were feeding on the exposed rubbish in the containers near the Sailing Base. The “wildflower” plots have been mown off, revealing an established native grassland herb: Ribwort. The area of Horse Close Wood disturbed by National Grid last winter is showing a scatter of the cornfield annual plants that were scattered there to provide some colour: Corn Marigold, Corn Chamomile and Corncockle. The Japanese Honeysuckle in the hedge by the Golf Course was still in flower but the native species is now in fruit. The white Cyclamen is still flowering in Horse Close Wood.