Dave Dawson’s natural history notes for 27th October 2017:-

The geese were mainly on the Golf Course this morning, making it more difficult to achieve a full count. It’s not clear why they have shifted their early morning location away from the public park. There’s a large Caper Spurge just inside the Stadium fence right on the corner nearest to the bowls. This is the first record of this conspicuous species in the park. This is believed to be an early introduction to the UK from places further south in Europe, but could well actually be native. As a biennial, I must have missed it last year. Its seeds are long-lived, coming up following disturbance, perhaps here the construction of the new fence to the stadium. Ivy was in flower and the focus of many invertebrates collecting nectar and pollen. There were still a few late flowers of the hybrid bindweed on the edges of Horse Close Wood. The brook has been cleared recently, but there is still much watercress in the upper brook and many autumn leaves risk blocking the downstream pipe entrances.