Wimbledon Park Public Meeting – 23rd November at 7pm at The Wimbledon Club

The Friends of Wimbledon Park and Justine Greening, MP for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields, will be hosting a public meeting on 23rd November seeking your views on how Wimbledon Park can be improved. This will be held at The Wimbledon Club, Church Road, SW19 5AG at 7pm. A flyer detailing the purpose of the meeting [...]

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Green shoots in former bowling area

The lawn in the old bowling area, where the Food Festival and children’s fair were held earlier in the year, was reseeded by Merton Council and now looks in better condition than it has been for some years. Hopefully people will soon be allowed back in to enjoy it.

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Car Parking – local consultation

FOWP has carried out a survey of households in Revelstoke Road, to see how they feel about various measures that have been suggested or proposed in relation to the car parking in Wimbledon Park, and traffic in the approach to the park. You can see the results of the consultation via the link below: Results [...]

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Car park proposal thrown out!

Merton councillors last night threw out their own planning officers’ proposal to make permanent the summer car park extension at the Revelstoke Road entrance to the park. The decision is the vindication of a long campaign by FOWP and widespread opposition among local residents. The proposal involved adding 52 new parking spaces, speed humps and [...]

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Car Park Consultation Questionnaire

A consultation letter has been prepared and sent to residents of Revelstoke Road. We would be interested to hear the views of others living near the park. Please click on the link below to download and print the letter and questionnaire. Car Park consultation letter to residents

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Car park plan “half-baked and ill-researched”

It was with a great sense of relief and satisfaction that we heard Merton councillors pour scorn on their officers’ proposal for the Revelstoke Road car park extension in Wimbledon Park, at the council’s planning committee meeting last night. One councillor said it would “double the size of the blot on the landscape” while another [...]

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In response to a recent concern raised by an Associate about health and safety of sandpits in the park, here's a statement from the Head of Greenspaces at Merton. "We use ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) to review/assess our playgrounds and have done for many years now and will continue so.  ROSPA [...]

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Tennis and Beach Volleyball Courts

The newly-resurfaced tennis courts If you've visited the park recently you may have noticed the machinery and building materials currently stored on the 'temporary' car park just to the left of Revelstoke Road entrance. This is all part of the resurfacing of another 5 tennis courts in time for the summer season, a [...]

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Park Lighting

Merton Council is considering the issue of lighting in the park. There could be a substantial change to the style and placement of lamps, with priorities being ease of maintenance and avoiding vandalism. The AELTC is to donate funds to the council towards lighting along ‘Stadium Lane’ - the track that runs from the Wimbledon [...]

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