Wimbledon Park Lake

Wimbledon Park Lake

At the AGM on 21 March 2013, FOWP Chairman Nick Steiner outlined the thinking behind the project to restore the 12 hectare lake. As we know, it’s an important historical landscape, being part of the grounds designed by Capability Brown in the late 18th Century.

The lake supports a wealth of wildlife and is widely used for watersports and angling, but over the years has been slowly dying as it silts up and the water quality declines. It’s estimated that unless this decline is addressed, the lake could become a swamp in as few as 10-15 years.

Restoring the lake is a huge initiative, costing c£4m-12m and it will require all stakeholders to work together. Those involved will need to commission a feasibility study, and then look for major funding, perhaps National Lottery or Heritage funding.

Recent meetings with LB Merton and AELTC indicate they are sympathetic to the desire to restore the lake. The first steps will be to get estimates for a feasibility study and then to agree funding for such a study.

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